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Fee Schedule and Rules for Facility Use

School Facility Use Permit Form





Building/Area                                                   Rate of Charge*


Stadium when no admission is charged                  $150.00

Stadium when admission is charged                       $200.00

Gym when no admission is charged                       $100.00

Gym when admission is charged                            $200.00

Auditorium when no admission is charged            $100.00

Auditorium when admission is charged                 $200.00

Multi-purpose room W/O kitchen                          $100.00

Multi-purpose room with kitchen**                       $200.00


*All charges are based on the first four hours.  Each additional hour

will result in a $25 per hour additional charge.


The rental fee will be as published for the first four events for any

individual, group or organization during the July 1-June 30 period

of any fiscal year.  The rental fee for the fifth through the eighth

events for any individual, group or organization during the fiscal

year shall be double the published rate.  The rental fee for the ninth

and all future events during the fiscal year for any individual, group

or organization shall be triple the published rate.


The basic charge includes the time for one (1) custodian.  Should

the services of additional personnel be required due to the nature

of the use request, the charges will be based on $15.00 per hour for

each additional employee.  The fee includes table and chair set up

and removal.  Table paper is available upon request.


**When kitchen equipment is used, a school cook must be present.


Fees must be pre-paid to U.S.D. 461, P.O. Box 88, 522 Wisconsin,

Neodesha, KS  66757. 



(Private Organizations and Business - 100% of Cost)


These organizations and businesses are identified as follows:


1)  The primary goal of the business/organization is profit making; or


2)  charges are made by the business/organization when a school

     facility is used and the profit is placed in the business/organization

     account for use generally by the business/organization; or


3)  the business/organization is a nonprofit type of organization with the

     major financial support derived generally from a specific group of

     people through donations and/or free will offerings.


Examples of businesses/organizations in this group are: dance studios

and dance groups; radio-television entertainment; family reunions;

churches and other religious organizations; businesses; non-school

sport events, etc.


(Civic Organizations - 50% of Cost)

These organizations are identified as follows:


1)  the group generally operates within the community and is adult



2)  the group is easily recognized as a civic organization and functions in

     many communities;


3)  the group operates on a State, Regional and/or National Charter which

     specifically states service to the community as one of the organization

     requirements; or


4)  the group is strictly a local development that receives its funding from

     donations and/or receives tax money from some governmental



Examples of organizations in this group are:  Lions Club; Rotary Club;

V.F.W.; American Legion; Sororities; etc.  (Community Improvement

and People Assistance Organizations - 0% of Cost)


These organizations are identified as follows:


1)  the groups providing services to the county or city population at little

     or no cost that are difficult to obtain elsewhere or are military and/or

     governmental in nature; or


2)  the group generally operates on a very limited budget, may be

     certified nonprofit; or


3)  the group provides an opportunity for a better understanding of the

     arts through displays and presentations and may be governmental in

     nature; or


4)  the group provides needed assistance to the community in times of

     disaster and is a nonprofit or governmental type of organization; or


5)  the group organizes when necessary to supply a service to education

     in general or specifically to students.


Examples of these organizations are:  City/County Recreation; Military

Band; Arts Association; Kansas National Guard; occasional usage by

4-H, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts; Alumni Association; Chamber of



The board, through its duly authorized agent, reserves the right to require

bonds (cash or otherwise), insurance, or other damage deposits,

acceptable to the board before allowing usage of the school's facilities. 

Usage is subject to limited access and availability.  Any damages

occurring during usage will be billed to the individual or organization

renting the facility.  Facilities must be left in the same clean condition

as they were before the event.  Cleanup will result in additional

charges being assessed the renter regardless of organization status.


This policy shall be administered by the principal, or the superintendent's

authorized designee, and the principal's decisions are subject to review

by the superintendent upon timely filing of a written protest of such

decision with the clerk of the board.


School Facility Use Permit Form


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