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Students Celebrate Pi Day

            Mrs. Boldra’s 8th grade math class geared up last week to celebrate “Pi Day” in honor of the number 3.14, (pi).  This day was conveniently placed on 3/14.  The students were placed in groups where they participated in different events, and they also held a t-shirt designing contest.
There were different competitions that the students participated in that would help them win points for the day.  One task was to have one person in each group hula-hoop for 20 seconds.  The student received one point for each revolution.  Sam Curt won this competition by making 45 revolutions of his hula-hoop in 20 seconds.
            Sam Curt quotes, “My favorite part of Pi Day was getting to eat the pie.”
            They also had a competition for which student could recite the most digits to pi.  Austin Sade was the winner of this, after he recited 109 digits of the number pi.
            Austin quotes, “I taught myself the digits by doubling the numbers, learning them.”
            Points were also awarded to groups for different tasks that they were able to accomplish.  The groups were awarded 30 points if they completed a bar graph of the first 50 digits of pi.  15 points were awarded to each group if they were able to measure the diameter and circumference of a softball and a basketball in centimeters.  They then had to use the formula for circumference to compute the measured values of pi.
            Each group also had a chance to receive points if they designed a t-shirt in honor of pi day.  The students had to wear their t-shirts to school that day, and they received 15 points per shirt.  Bailey Wells and Lane Wilkes were the winners of the T-shirt contest and each won $5.00.
            Bailey quotes, “The front of my shirt said ‘Want my digits?’, and I put the first 10 digits of pi on the back.”
Inserted Image    Lane adds, “I splatter-painted my shirt red, green and gold.  The front of it said ‘Give me pi.’”
        â€œPi Day” was also celebrated by enjoying pie that was brought to eat throughout the day.  Each student also received 50 extra credit points if he/she brought a circular “pi” snack to share with the other classmates.

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